Operating systems

Portail informatique

Working remotely

In order to work remotely, you can use the machines b313-?? or 3a401-??, where ?? is any number between 01 and 13. To access these machines, you have first to connect to ssh.imtbs-tsp.eu. For example, if we suppose that your login is thomas_g:

gthomas@uyuni:~$ ssh -Y thomas_g@ssh.imtbs-tsp.eu Last login: Mon May 20 07:47:59 2024 from thomas_g@taipan:~$ ssh -Y 3a401-01 Last login: Mon May 20 07:48:11 2024 from thomas_g@3a401-01:~$

You can also ease you life by adding the following lines in your .ssh/config:

Host b313-* 3a401-* ProxyJump ssh.imtbs-tsp.eu Host ssh.imtbs-tsp.eu b313-* 3a401-* User thomas_g

With this configuration, you can access the lab machines with a single command, which is very useful if you use vscode with the ssh plugin:

$ ssh b313-03 Last login: Mon May 20 08:11:27 2024 from thomas_g@b313-03:~ $