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EZTrace - Documentation

Several tutorials on EZTrace are available here.

Another documentation on EZTrace can be found here.

Selecting modules

eztrace_avail print the available modules
export EZTRACE_TRACE="<module1> <module2>" select module1 and module2

Generating a trace

eztrace -t "module1 module2" <application> <param1> <param2> run <application> with 2 parameters
mpirun -np 2 eztrace -t "mpi openmp" <application> <param1> <param2> run an mpi application <application> with 2 parameters
eztrace_cc gcc [...] -fopenmp compile an OpenMP application so that EZTrace can analyze it

Visualizing a trace

vite application/eztrace_log.otf2 open the trace with ViTE
otf2-print application/eztrace_log.otf2 print the content of the trace