CSC 5001– High Performance Systems

Portail informatique


The objective of the project is to design a parallel application on a target architecture (machine clusters, multicore machines, heterogeneous heterogeneous machines integrating CPU and GPU) starting from its sequential sequential version using the classical tools of parallelism parallelism (in this case OpenMP, MPI, CUDA).
You can choose between two typical HPC applications:
  • N-Body: consists in simulating the gravitational interactions between particles (for example planets, stars, etc).
  • a DNA sequence comparator: consists in searching for patterns in a long sequence taking into account a tolerance.
The project is to be carried out in pairs. Beyond the gain in performance, the objective of the project is that you follow a scientific approach that we ask you to explain during the defense (description of the parallelism, choice of the target platform, performance analysis, etc).
  • Start of the project: 18 september 2023
  • Deadline for choosing a subject: 22 september 2023
  • Deadline for submitting the produced source code: 3 november 2023
  • Project defense: 6 november 2023


You are asked to return the source code of your parallelized programs, as well as the slides used during the defense.
During the defense, you will be asked to present how you parallelized the application. You must also also present and explain the measured performances.

10h00-10h25 Wissam Ouali and Aymeric Fulop Nbody
10h30-10h55 Samuel Guillemet and Nathan Ferret Nbody
11h00-11h25 Malek Hammou, Devan Prigent and Jules Risse DNA
11h30-11h55 Juliette Debono and Theo Lardeur-Gersztein Nbody
12h00-12h25 Thomas Jaouen and Theo Joseph Antoine Nbody
12h30-12h55 Mathis Goutier Delaunay and Henrique Demedeiros Nbody
13h00-14h00 BREAK
14h00-14h25 Thibault Thomazon and Julien Vankrinkelen DNA
14h30-14h55 Asma Abbouz and Oussama Kordoghli DNA
15h00-15h25 Meryem Bouharra and Guillermo Toyes DNA
15h30-15h55 Fatma Jalloli and Marianna Gois de Campos Nbody
16h00-16h25 Nikolay Bezkhodarnov and Artem Golouin DNA
16h30-16h45 Harmonisation