CSC5101 – Advanced Programming of Multicore Architectures

Parallel and Distributed Systems track


The module CSC5101 (Advanced Programming of Multicore Architectures) is a course that lasts 36h. It is included both in the CHPS master of Paris Saclay, and in the HPDA and PDS tracks of the master in Computer Science of IP Paris. This module presents system programming techniques for multicore architectures with a focus on recent advances in the field: lock-free algorithms, transactional memory, non-volatile memory or trusted computing. This module presents the theoretical concepts underlying these systems and their practical implementation. It gives solid skills in system and in parallel programming in order to be able to pursue with a PhD thesis or to work in a company.



  • The Art Of Multiprocessor Programming. M. Herlihy, N. Shavit. Elsevier (2008)
  • Conferences and journals in systems: SOSP, OSDI, ASPLOS, USENIX, EUROSYS, HOTOS, VEE, CACM, JACM, Computing Surveys, TOPLAS, SP&E, JPDC, TOCS...