HPDA – High Performance Data Analytics track

Master of computer science

Research Internship

During Master 2, students work on a research project as part of a research internship. The internship can be done in a research Lab (at IP Paris, or elsewhere), or in a company R&D department.


The research internship is evaluated as follows:
  • The Lab tutor gives a grade for the lab work (25% of the final grade) -- Evaluation form [.odt] [.pdf]
  • The jury gives a grade for the research report (50% of the final grade) -- Evaluation form
  • The jury gives a grade for the defense presentation (25% of the final grade)

The research report describes the research work that was conducted during the research internship. We expect approximately 30 pages of content that presents the research problematic, the proposed approach and its implementation, an evaluation of the proposed approache, and a conclusion that discusses future work. Unlike "grandes écoles" internship reports, we do not expect a presentation of the lab/company.

The defense is a 25 minutes presentation of the research work followed by 10 minutes of questions by a jury composed of the head of the master track, the lab/company tutor(s), and a jury president (usually, a teacher of the master track program). Unless the defense is confidencial, additional jury members may be invited, and the presentation may be public.

2022-2023 schedule

When Where What
01/03/2023 Start of the research internship
08/09/2023 at 23:59 Deadline for submitting the research internship report
12/09/2022 at 10:00 Telecom SudParis, Palaiseau (room: 4A312) Research internship defense -- Ewa Turska (confidential)
12/09/2022 at 11:00 Telecom SudParis, Palaiseau (room: 4A312) Research internship defense -- Thomas Collignon

Administrative registration

Once you found an internship, you need to register it to Télécom SudParis (even if you're originally from another IP Paris school). To do that:
  • Connect to http://stages.tem-tsp.eu/ (click "Portail Etudiant") and fill the form to create an "aval". In addition to the usual fields (address, ...), here are the fields to tell that you're doing a master internship as part of HPDA:
    • Année d'étude : Diplôme National de Master
    • Option : DNM HPDA
    • Type de stage : Thèse de DNM
  • Contact François Trahay to validate your "aval"
In case of problem, contact:
  • Marie Ngami (administrative staff in charge of the internships at Télécom SudParis)
  • François Trahay (head of the HPDA track)
  • Sujun Chen (administrative staff in charge of the HPDA track)