INF 4401 – Introduction To Databases

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The course INF 4401 – Introduction To Databases is a third-year cours in a business school (level Master 2) given at IMT-BS in the internation track. At the end of this course, the student will know what a database is, what the different kinds of databases are, how to work with relational databases and how to code using SQL. In details, a student will know how to:
  • Describe data using the relational model.
  • Use relational algebra to formally modelize a query on relational data.
  • Code in SQL, with basic commands and aggregation.
  • Modelize data using the entity-relationship model.
  • Manipulate a RDBMS.
  • Choose the adequate database kind among relational database and NoSQL alternatives

  • Topic
    Key Notions
  • CI1
    Introduction And Relational Algebra
    • Databases and information systems
    • Types of Databases
    • Relational Algebra
  • CI2
    SQL 1
    • From relational algebra to SQL
    • SFW queries
    • Set operations
  • CI3
    SQL 2
    • Joins
    • Grouping and Aggregation
    • Order by and limit
  • CI4
    • Entity-relationship diagram
    • Mapping to database schema
  • CI5
    • Data description in SQL
    • Data updates in SQL
    • Constraints
    • Transactions
    • SQL injections
  • CI6
    NoSQL Databases
    • ACID
    • Ecosystem of NoSQL databases
    • Key-Value Storage
  • CI7
    Review of Concepts
    • Review of the concepts in the lecture
    • Solution homework
  • CF1
    Final Exam
CM : Cours Magistral (lecture only)       CI : Cours Intégré (lecture and lab)