Identifying the source of Linux kernel scheduler regressions

Identifying the source of Linux kernel scheduler regressions

Julia Lawall (

The Whisper research team at Inria Paris focuses in part on the
performance of the Linux kernel, particularly considering the task
scheduler [1,2].

The Linux kernel 0-day build testing service [3] is a continuous
integration service from Intel that regularly does build and performance
testing of the Linux kernel. From time to time, they report performance
regressions that are derived from changes in the Linux kernel task
scheduler. The goal of this internship is to develop methodologies and
tools to debug such problems from execution traces. Depending on the
results, it could be interesting to develop a language or framework for
more systematically producing tools for interpreting scheduler trace data.

Inria Paris is located near the Gare de Lyon in Paris. This internship
can be done at Inria Paris or remotely. The internship is suitable for M1
students and the necessary background on the Linux scheduler can be
acquired during the internship.

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