Module CSC7321—CSN: Middleware and software architecture for Internet distributed applications

Portail informatique

Getting started with the microproject

Play with the project v0

Understand the structure of the vlibtour project

You have been provided with the initial version of the project. For the moment the modules that are provided are:

  • vlibtour-libraries: This module provides some libraries not available through maven
  • vlibtour-visit-emulation-system: This module provides the emulation of the positions of the users Joe and Averell during their visit of the tour "The unusual Paris" from "Musée Grévin" to les "Catacombes". This component has a REST API.
  • vlibtour-scenario: This module provides a helper for painting the maps of Paris and the itineraries followed by the users with the OpenStreetMap service.

You will have to write the other components:

  • vlibtour-tour-management-system: for managing the tours (with JEE)
  • vlibtour-lobby-room-system and vlibtour-group-communication-system: for exchanging the location of the users (with RabbitMQ)
  • vlibtour-bikestation: for getting information about bike availabilities (with REST)
In the root directory you find also
  • The README file: It explains the role of each maven modules and their dependencies
  • The pom.xml file: It provides the necessary maven description to automatize compilation, testing and execution.
  • The Scripts directory: It contains bash files to start the diferent processes (servers and clients).

Run the initial version of the project

The idea is to use the following script to test the microproject.
mvn clean install ./

In this initial version, the script detects that nothing is implemented and stops. In the next steps of the microproject, you will implement the different components.

At the end of the project, you will use this script to

  • Start the application server, initiate the database and deploy the tour management bean
  • Start the rabbitmq server
  • Start your lobby room server
  • Start the visit emulation server
  • Start the tourist client applications for Joe and for Avrell
  • And finally ... stop everything.
Several steps are still necessary to use the final script, but each step can be tested independently.