Prof. Samir Tata

Department of Computer Science, Telecom SudParis, Institut Mines-Telecom, France.
ACMES research group, CNRS Samovar Lab.

Web Services

The course introduces to Web Services and provides students with a rapid overview of web services and related technologies, as well as hands-on experience in implementing web services using the following XML based languages: SOAP, WSDL and UDDI. Alternatives to these technologies are discussed in the course, as well as emerging web services technologies.

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Servlet/JSP-based Web applications

This course is designed to teach the development of Servlet/JSP-based Web applications. It is designed to introduce Java developers to the development and testing of server-side applications based on Servlet/JSP.

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Introduction to databases

This course is designed to allow students learning the design of a database starting from the conceptual design to the implementation of database schema and user interfaces to a database and learning about database design concepts, data models (Entity-Relationship and Relational Model) and the database query language SQL.


Workflow Management Systems

This course deals about the main concepts of workflow management systems which automate business processes in enterprises. The course introduces the definition, the management, the execution of business process activities and the general architecture of workflow management systems. workflow issues (e.g. interoperability) and Related domains (e.g. databases, groupware, Internet technology and e-learning) are discussed during seminars presented by researchers.


The course begins by dealing with fundamental concepts of XML as a markup language and main aspects of XML processing explaining how XML enables the creation of loosely coupled information and how applications process such information. It then moves to central XML concepts and technologies: well-formedness, valid XML, DTDs, Schema, transforming XML with XSLT and rendering XML with XSL and CSS.

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