Prof. Samir Tata

Department of Computer Science, Telecom SudParis, Institut Mines-Telecom, France.
ACMES research group, CNRS Samovar Lab.


Currently there are no open positions.

Current Ph.D. students

  1. 2015-2018: Leila Hadded: Optimization of Autonomic Resources for the Management of Service-based Applications
  2. 2015-2018: Kunal Suri: Mechanisms for reconfiguration and adaptation of complex manufacturing processes and their associated Human-Machine Interfaces for the Factory of the Future
  3. 2015-208: Aicha Ben Jrad: Description and Evaluation of Elasticity Strategies for Business Processes in the Cloud

Finished Ph.D. students

  1. 2014-2017: Hana Teyeb: Integrated optimization in Cloud environments
  2. 2011-2016: Olfa Bouchaala: Business-aware management of service-based applications in the Cloud
  3. 2011-2015: Mourad Amziani: Synthesis of the monitoring and configuration of PaaS for service-based applications
  4. 2011-2014: Mohamed Mohamed: Generic Monitoring and Reconfiguration of Service-based Applications in Cloud (Download)
  5. 2011-2014: Sami Yangui: Service-based applications Provisioning in the Cloud (Download)
  6. 2009-2012: Ngoc Chan Nguyen: Recommendation-based Web service discovery 
  7. 2007-2011: Yassine Chabeb: Contribution to the description and discovery of semantic Web services (Download the french version)
  8. 2008-2011: Mohamed Sellami: Discovery of Web service registries in distributed environments (Download the french version)
  9. 2004-2008: Nomane Ould Ahmed M'Bareck: Semantic approach for the description, abstraction and interconnection of workflows in an inter-organizational context (Download the french version)
  10. 2003-2006: Issam Chebbi: "CoopFlow : a bottom-up approach for inter-enterprise Workflow cooperation(Download the french version)

Finished MSc. students

  1. 2014: Leila Hadded: Extending CloudSim to simulate OCCI-based applications
  2. 2013 : Mohamed Yengui: Implementation of the DAT tool: a generic approach for the identification of dependencies between activities in Services-based Business Processes (SBP).
  3. 2011: Mohamed Mohamed: Micro-container for Web services in cloud computing
  4. 2010: Sami Yangui: Discovery of capacity-driven Web services
  5. 2010: Imen Benzarti: Modeling of capacity-driven Web services
  6. 2009: Mahmoud Bouzid: Verification of inter-enterprise workflows
  7. 2008: Wided Ghardallou: Semantic registry for SCA components
  8. 2008: Heithem Bouziri: Dynamic interconnection of BPEL processes
  9. 2007: Yassine Chabeb: Semantic annotation of SCAcomponents
  10. 2007: Elwely Ould Dah: an OBDD-Based registry for workflow descriptions
  11. 2006: Kahina El Koli: Service semantic discovery in virtual organizations
  12. 2004: Nomane Ould Ahmed M'Bareck: Semantic description languages of Web services
  13. 2003: Ghanem Benadjoud: Orchestration languages for Web services

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