Network Course: Basic Computer Networking (NET 7007)

Masters of Science : Computer and Communication Networks (CCN),

Electrical and Optical Engineering (EOE)

Pascal Hennequin

Updated 02 Oct 2013,
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The main objective is to give a basic knowledge of Computer Networking problems and their solutions. It includes :


Lectures: 40.5h
Exercices: 7.5h

Not covered by this course:


Written examination : approx. 2h


NB : Students are supplied with the 2 first books.

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Schedule : Sept 2013 - Fev 2014

Updated 02 Oct 2013,
Lecturers : Pascal Hennequin (PH), Michel Gardie (MG)
AM = 9h00-12h15, PM = 13h45-17h00

3 Oct AMA009MG3h CoursIntroduction
10 Oct AMA009MG3h CoursLayered Architecture
17 Oct AMA03MG1h30 Cours
1h30 TD
Data Link Layer
Exercise : A simple Data-Link protocol
24 Oct AMA007MG1h30 Cours
1h30 TD
HDLC Protocol
Exercise : HDLC exchanges
28 Oct PMBL004PH3h CoursTCP/IP Architecture overview I
31 Oct AMA006MG1h30 Cours
1h30 TD
Connection oriented Layer 3 et X25
Exercise : Encapsulation (X25 over HDLC)
7 Nov AMA007PH3h CoursTCP/IP Architecture overview II
Internetwork concept : routing and addressing
21 Nov AMA007PH1h30 Cours
1h30 TD
IP Addressing
Exercise : Traceroute
28 Nov AMA007PH3h CoursIP Mechanisms and Protocol (v4)
05 Dec AMA007PH1h30 TD
1h30 Cours
Exercise : IP Segmentation/Reassembling
Transport Layer
12 Dec AMA006PH3h CoursTCP protocol
TCP/IP Applications I
19 Dec AMA006PH3h CoursTCP/IP Applications II
9 Jan AMA006MG3h CoursDirectory Service with LDAP I
16 Jan AMA006MG3h CoursDirectory Service with LDAP II
23 Jan AMA006PH3h CoursDNS - Domain Name System
30 Jan AMA006PH3h CoursIPv6 and future of TCP/IP
06 Fev AM?PH2hWritten Examination