Past Fundings
Past Fundings
MARGE team has been involved in those funding contracts:

ProjectDescriptionTypePeriodWeb Site
INCOME INfrastructure de gestion de COntexte Multi-'Echelle pour l'Internet des Objets ANR/INFRA2012-2015
EASI CLOUDS Extendable Architecture and Service Infrastructure for Cloud-aware Software ITEA22011-2014
ICEbreak Interactive Cinema Experience through advanced storyboarding and mobile devices to BREAK the fun frontier Eurostars2012-2013
TOTEM Theories and Tools for Distributed Authoring of Mobile Mixed Reality Games Programme Inter Carnot-Fraunhofer (PICF)2009-2012
Semeuse Semantique pour bus de services ANR2009-2011
Play Online Middleware de jeux multi-joueurs, multi-plateformes, compatible avec le standard PLAY ALL FUI2009-2011
SEAMLESS SEamless and Adaptive Services over MultipLe AccEsS NetworkS ANR2008-2010
CAPPUCINO Construction et Adaptation d'aPPlications Ubiquitaires et de Composants d'INtergiciels en environnement Ouvert pour l'industrie du commerce FUI2007-2010
PLUG PLay Ubiquitous Games and play more ANR RIAM2008-2009
JEMTU JEux sur Mobiles, Technologies et Usages Action innovante Institut TELECOM2006-2009
BROCCOLI Building, instRumenting and deplOying Component-based arChitectures fOr Large-scale applIcations INRIA Collaborative research initiatives2008-2009
SCOrWare Service Oriented Computing Platform ANR2007-2009
SCOS Standards Ouverts pour les plates-formes de Calcul Scientifique ANR2006-2008
CASAC Composants Auto-adaptables Sensibles Au Contexte Fondation TELECOM (incitatif)2008-2008
SUMO Service Ubiquity in Mobile and Wireless Realm ITEA2005-2007
S4ALL Services for all ITEA2005-2007
AMPROS Adaptative Middleware Platform for Proactive Reconfigurable Systems French/Finland RNRT2002-2005
CARISM Composants Adaptables et Reconfigurables pour Intergiciels et Services Mobiles Fondation TELECOM (incitatif)2003-2005
OSMOSE Open Source Middleware for Open Systems in Europe ITEA2003-2005
MEGA Architecture pour jeux multijoueurs en ligne sur mobile (Mobile multiplayEr online Games Architecture) Fondation TELECOM (incitatif)2004-2004

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